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  1. Targeted Task Models for Cheminformatics Process Development

  2. Mining Complex Patterns

  3. Causal Chemometrics Modeling with Kernel Partial Least Squares and Domain Knowledge Filters

  4. Elucidation of the Structural Basis of Protein Kinetic Stability

  5. Theoretical Characterization of kinetically stable proteins

  6. Chemoselective Displacer Synthesis

  7. Cyclazocine QSAR and Synthesis

  8. Bioseparations

  9. Beyond ATCG: “Dixel” representations of DNA-protein interactions

  10. Protein Dissimilarity Analysis using Shape/Property Descriptors

  11. Molecular Simulation-Based Descriptors

  12. Potential of Mean Force Approach for describing Biomolecular Hydration
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