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Steven Cramer

Chen, Jie; Luo, Qiong; Breneman, Curt M.; Cramer, Steven M., Classification of protein adsorption and recovery at low salt conditions in hydrophobic interaction chromatographic systems. Journal of Chromatography, A (2007), 1139(2), 236-246.

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Liu, Jia; Park, Sun K.; Moore, J. A.; Cramer, Steven M.. Effect of Displacer Chemistry on Displacer Efficacy for a Sugar-Based Anion Exchange Displacer Library. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2006), 45(26), 9107-9114.

Ladiwala, Asif; Xia, Fang; Luo, Qiong; Breneman, Curt M.; Cramer, Steven M., Investigation of protein retention and selectivity in HIC systems using quantitative structure retention relationship models. Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2006), 93(5), 836-850. CODEN: BIBIAU
ISSN:0006-3592. AN 2006:325787

Jia Liu, Ting Yang, Asif Ladiwala, and Steven M. Cramer, "High Throughput Determination and QSER Modeling of Displacer DC-50 Values for Ion Exchange Systems" Separation Science and Technology, 41: 30793107, 2006
ISSN 0149-6395 print 1520-5754 online DOI: 10.1080/01496390600894822

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