Polymer Design Platform

An online prediction system based on machine learning developed by Ke Wu in Breneman's lab

Single Calculation

Press the Build Polymer button, draw the polymer and then press Predict Properties button in the editor window.

Use the asterisk to define the repeat unit. You can also directly input SMILES. See the Documentation for details.

   (If you have found any technical issue, please contact wuk3@rpi.edu)

JME Editor courtesy of Peter Ertl, Novartis

Multiple Calculation

You can upload a list of polymers in .mdb file. The tail and head MUST BE DEFINED.


All Properties
Dielectric Constant
Band Gap
Glass Transition Temperature

Fingerprint-based Modeling

Organic Polymer Property Predictor

You can set the number of repeating unit (max: 8):

Choose the components for the co-polymer:

Group 4 Block Co-polymer

Choose the components for the co-polymer:

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